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Wireless Engineering

Vergibility is comprised of seasoned industry veterans that have come together to deliver tailored 5G wireless services. Our purpose is to educate any market segment on how each can leverage what is now commercially available.
The time to control your network, data, privacy, and business interests on unique individual terms is driven with Vergibility.

Why Vergibility?

Origin: We created a name that combines the two terms at the heart of our capabilities: CONVERGENCE and MOBILITY.

Finally. Businesses can now harness the technology and wireless spectrum once only exclusive to carriers. Wireless capabilities are limitless and better than ever—we’re here to show you the way.

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We Were There. We Built It.

Our team is made up of high-performing executives that have worked for the top wireless companies helping pioneer 5G technology capabilities to current state. Our leadership team has over 100 years combined experience providing an elevated understanding of the system and how to maximize its capabilities seamlessly and effectively.

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Our Experience Was Built On Designing, Deploying, and Maximizing Every Generation Of Wireless To Date.

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Meet Us

Our Dedicated Team

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Ruby Caggiano-Cooper
President & Co-Founder

Successfully supported the launch of each major carrier’s network in South Florida from Engineering through Operations

Led large Sales and Solutions teams across the US and Canada

Built a team of experts instrumental in the launch of the first iPhone network in South Florida

Worked closely with Tier 1 and Rural Carriers, Manufacturers, Utilities, Cities, Schools and Hospitals to cultivate technology solutions towards their paths to transformation

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Ken Cooper
Co-Founder & COO

Over 25 years of business-to-business experience in the technology sector

Led Solutions teams across the country who delivered on top tech trends for the Communications, Energy, Financial, and Light Industrial industries

Successfully ran multiple offices across the US for a large Technology Solutions company

Provided Business Transformation services to multiple Fortune 50 organizations for both US-based and multinational organizations

Experience working with and developing solutions for startups as well as large international organizations

Expert in building technology teams ranging from 5-50+ members

Jamie Profile Image

Jamie Kimble
Vice President of Engineering

Successful design, deployment, and optimization of all cellular technologies up through 5G

Led multiple engineering teams for a major carrier ultimately responsible for the engineering and financial results

Developed private network concepts for two distinctly different industries so they could venture into new innovative revenue streams

Developed an engineering research program for a tower company that was looking to move into new technologies, including private networks and data centers

Established a research company that specializes in all wireless technologies, spectrum use, and overall industry trends as they relate to new and developing wireless technologies

Greg Profile Image

Greg Savage
Director of Engineering

Launched greenfield cell networks from Virginia to Key West, with hundreds of towers spanning 2G/3G/4G LTE & 5G platforms

Provided and executed RF design, implementation, deployment, interference mitigation, and optimization components to all major North American carriers during his 16 years with Ericsson

Successfully managed a complex, large-scale LTE optimization program spanning 17 markets across 6 states

Provided on-site Subject Matter Expert RF support for out of country operators in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Belize

Led a large RF design lab team in the successful deployment of an LTE overlay program for a major carrier

Managed and executed RF designs, construction, and commissioning for FirstNet public safety systems in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties

We Design Networks

Setting up Wireless Networks for a school or business complex takes more than just placing modems and routers in open areas. If you consider the amount of heavy data usage and the importance of reliability needed in a hospital, for example, design strategy is absolutely crucial. In a public safety scenario, design should follow state guidelines and mandates. Our engineers are certified to design any public and private project in the United States.

Key Factors Include:

  • AP Placement
  • AP Coverage Control
  • Dominant Use Case
  • Vertical Markets
  • Interference Management
  • Band Steering
  • Capacity Planning

Our Certifications

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