Convergence Now or Later?

  • Each enterprise is like a fingerprint. Our approach begins with understanding the unique nuances of your environment.
  • Next, we share our knowledge of the next-generation wireless technologies currently available as well as those upcoming, helping you make an informed decision upon the right time and technology to start your path to transformation.
  • Together, we dive deeply into how next-generation wireless technology can expand your technical capabilities based upon proven use cases of today and those yet to be realized.
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Indoor/Outdoor Site Assessment

  • Using the industry standard in site assessment tools, our team arrives at the customer site to scan it in its entirety for existing signal strength. The existing architecture and the network configuration are both examined and defined.
  • Next, our customers are provided with a comprehensive heat map identifying the overall health of the network as well as existing gaps.
  • Our team works closely with yours to uncover exactly how current gaps are impacting your business. In conjunction with your team, we define the process to close those gaps resulting in optimal network performance.

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Design Services

  • After applying the results of our consultation and the assessment, our engineers create a design tailored to our customer’s unique environment and requirements.
  • As a technology and equipment agnostic team, our network design will represent what we know to be the most efficient and effective solution. This can include LTE/5G (Private or Carrier), WiFi 6, or a combination thereof.  
  • The design will include equipment placement, coverage gains, and a materials list to ensure an easy and effective installation and implementation.

Project Oversight For Installation & Implementation

  • Our design will always include recommendations for equipment and components that deliver optimal network performance.
  • Our involvement with Selection & Oversight is recommended but not required if our customer’s technical team has experience properly vetting multiple vendors and overseeing next-generation wireless implementations.
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Post Launch Planning For Training & Analytics

  • Our team returns to conduct a second assessment which will measure the coverage and throughputs of the newly integrated network.
  • Our customers are provided with an “after implementation” heat map that will show the difference in their wireless coverage and will also reveal any adjustments that may be required after installation.
  • To ensure a smooth handoff, our team can also provide any post-implementation support and knowledge transfer needed.
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